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Volumes Wall LampVolumes Wall Lamp
Volumes Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom £865.00 GBP
Disc and Sphere Glass Wall LampDisc and Sphere Glass Wall Lamp
Disc and Sphere Glass Wall Lamp Sale price£985.00 GBP
Hashira High Floor LampHashira High Floor Lamp
Hashira High Floor Lamp Sale price£765.00 GBP
Seam Three Wall LampSeam Three Wall Lamp
Seam Three Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom £498.00 GBP
Seam One & Two Table LampSeam One & Two Table Lamp
Seam One & Two Table Lamp Sale priceFrom £594.00 GBP
Palo Table LampPalo Table Lamp
Palo Table Lamp Sale price£1,055.00 GBP
Palo Floor LampPalo Floor Lamp
Palo Floor Lamp Sale price£1,288.00 GBP
Tabata Wall Lamp LN10Tabata Wall Lamp LN10
Tabata Wall Lamp LN10 Sale price£265.00 GBP
28 Multiple Colour Pendant - Cluster28 Multiple Colour Pendant - Cluster
28 Multiple Colour Pendant - Cluster Sale priceFrom £3,320.00 GBP
Two Cylinders Floor LampTwo Cylinders Floor Lamp
Two Cylinders Floor Lamp Sale price£2,615.00 GBP
Triangle Wall LampTriangle Wall Lamp
Triangle Wall Lamp Sale price£810.00 GBP
Three Edges Wall LampThree Edges Wall Lamp
Three Edges Wall Lamp Sale price£810.00 GBP
Square in Circle Ceiling LampSquare in Circle Ceiling Lamp
Square in Circle Ceiling Lamp Sale price£1,730.00 GBP
Sphere in Stadium PendantSphere in Stadium Pendant
Sphere in Stadium Pendant Sale price£1,225.00 GBP
Signature ChandelierSignature Chandelier
Signature Chandelier Sale price£4,105.00 GBP
Shadow Table Lamp
Shadow Table Lamp Sale price£1,800.00 GBP
Route I PendantRoute I Pendant
Route I Pendant Sale price£2,380.00 GBP
Rounded Corner Wall LampRounded Corner Wall Lamp
Rounded Corner Wall Lamp Sale price£835.00 GBP
Pole Dance PendantPole Dance Pendant
Pole Dance Pendant Sale price£2,360.00 GBP
Pill Floor LampPill Floor Lamp
Pill Floor Lamp Sale price£3,675.00 GBP
Marble and Wedge Floor LampMarble and Wedge Floor Lamp
Marble and Wedge Floor Lamp Sale price£2,850.00 GBP
Half in Circle Table LampHalf in Circle Table Lamp
Half in Circle Table Lamp Sale price£1,800.00 GBP
Geometric Task PendantGeometric Task Pendant
Geometric Task Pendant Sale price£2,595.00 GBP
Exhibition Wall LampExhibition Wall Lamp
Exhibition Wall Lamp Sale price£880.00 GBP
Dream Wall LampDream Wall Lamp
Dream Wall Lamp Sale price£995.00 GBP
Disc Wall LampDisc Wall Lamp
Disc Wall Lamp Sale price£690.00 GBP
Dance of Geometry Table LampDance of Geometry Table Lamp
Dance of Geometry Table Lamp Sale price£1,080.00 GBP
Capsule Wall LampCapsule Wall Lamp
Capsule Wall Lamp Sale price£820.00 GBP
Bookends Table LampBookends Table Lamp
Bookends Table Lamp Sale price£1,660.00 GBP
Another Table LampAnother Table Lamp
Another Table Lamp Sale price£1,410.00 GBP
100 Multiple Pendants100 Multiple Pendants
100 Multiple Pendants Sale priceFrom £3,015.00 GBP
100 Single Pendant100 Single Pendant
100 Single Pendant Sale priceFrom £1,170.00 GBP
Flowerpot Portable Lamp VP9 - MetallicFlowerpot Portable Lamp VP9 - Metallic
Flowerpot Portable Lamp VP9 - Metallic Sale price£200.00 GBP Regular price£255.00 GBP
28 Chandelier28 Chandelier
28 Chandelier Sale priceFrom £13,780.00 GBP
16 Chandelier16 Chandelier
16 Chandelier Sale priceFrom £21,280.00 GBP
Petra M Table LampPetra M Table Lamp
Petra M Table Lamp Sale priceFrom £545.00 GBP
Manila C Ceiling LampManila C Ceiling Lamp
Manila C Ceiling Lamp Sale priceFrom £810.00 GBP
Ma-Rock M Table LampMa-Rock M Table Lamp
Ma-Rock M Table Lamp Sale price£1,970.00 GBP
Ma-Rock T Pendant LampMa-Rock T Pendant Lamp
Ma-Rock T Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom £2,625.00 GBP
Gweilo ZHOU Pendant LampGweilo ZHOU Pendant Lamp
Gweilo ZHOU Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom £1,925.00 GBP
Sorcier Wall LampSorcier Wall Lamp
Sorcier Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom £415.00 GBP
Aballs Chandelier 4Aballs Chandelier 4
Aballs Chandelier 4 Sale priceFrom £9,215.00 GBP
Aballs Chandelier 8Aballs Chandelier 8
Aballs Chandelier 8 Sale priceFrom £16,550.00 GBP
Tripod Table Lamp HM9Tripod Table Lamp HM9
Tripod Table Lamp HM9 Sale price£315.00 GBP
Mediterranea PendantMediterranea Pendant
Mediterranea Pendant Sale priceFrom £1,685.00 GBP
Mediterranea Floor LampMediterranea Floor Lamp
Mediterranea Floor Lamp Sale price£1,125.00 GBP
Mediterranea Table LampMediterranea Table Lamp
Mediterranea Table Lamp Sale price£845.00 GBP
Mediterranea Wall LampMediterranea Wall Lamp
Mediterranea Wall Lamp Sale price£750.00 GBP