14 Linear Pendant14 Linear Pendant

14 Linear Pendant

From £5,100.00 GBP
14 Single Pendant14 Single Pendant

14 Single Pendant

From £440.00 GBP
14 Multiple Pendant14 Multiple Pendant

14 Multiple Pendant

From £1,325.00 GBP
84 Linear Pendant84 Linear Pendant

84 Linear Pendant

£7,600.00 GBP
Row Wall LampRow Wall Light - Black - Monologue London

Row Wall Lamp

From £320.00 GBP
Birch Wall LampBirch Wall Lamp

Birch Wall Lamp

From £970.00 GBP
Stadium Wall LampStadium Wall Lamp

Stadium Wall Lamp

£605.00 GBP
Ilios Wall Light - Monologue LondonIlios Wall Light - Monologue London

Ilios Wall Lamp

From £600.00 GBP
Up Down PendantUp Down Pendant

Up Down Pendant

From £1,180.00 GBP
Plate and Sphere Ceiling Light - Monologue LondonPlate and Sphere Ceiling Light - Monologue London

Plate and Sphere Ceiling Lamp

From £1,370.00 GBP
Plate and Cone Ceiling Light - Monologue LondonPlate and Cone Ceiling Light - Monologue London

Plate and Cone Ceiling Lamp

From £1,680.00 GBP
Black Hole Wall Light - Monologue LondonBlack Hole Wall Lamp

Black Hole Wall Lamp

From £1,270.00 GBP
Shapes Wall LampShapes Wall Lamp

Shapes Wall Lamp

From £840.00 GBP
Flat Shapes Ceiling LampFlat Shapes Ceiling Lamp

Flat Shapes Ceiling Lamp

From £2,880.00 GBP
Disc and Sphere Wall LampDisc and Sphere Wall Lamp

Disc and Sphere Wall Lamp

From £530.00 GBP
Triangle Box Wall LampTriangle Box Wall Lamp

Triangle Box Wall Lamp

From £840.00 GBP
Balancing Variations PendantBalancing Variations Pendant

Balancing Variations Pendant

From £1,370.00 GBP
Triangle Box PendantTriangle Box Pendant

Triangle Box Pendant

From £1,090.00 GBP
Sliver 325 PendantSliver 325 Pendant

Sliver 325 Pendant

From £840.00 GBP
Birch Pendant - 5 ElementsBirch Pendant - 5 Elements

Birch Pendant - 5 Elements

From £4,670.00 GBP
Rhombus Wall Lamp - Monologue LondonRhombus Wall Lamp - Monologue London

Rhombus Wall Lamp

From £830.00 GBP

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