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Daybeds & Chaise Longues

Daybeds & Chaise Longues

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Seso DaybedSeso Daybed
Seso Daybed Sale priceFrom £6,805.00 GBP
Frederic DaybedFrederic Daybed
Frederic Daybed Sale price£8,400.00 GBP
Five to Nine DaybedFive to Nine Daybed
Five to Nine Daybed Sale priceFrom £6,640.00 GBP
Sigmund DaybedSigmund Daybed
Sigmund Daybed Sale priceFrom £3,650.00 GBP
Frame One Armed Sofa / DaybedFrame One Armed Sofa / Daybed
Frame One Armed Sofa / Daybed Sale priceFrom £13,015.00 GBP
Solo DaybedSolo Daybed
Solo Daybed Sale price£6,515.00 GBP
Pallet Day Bed - Monologue LondonPallet Day Bed - Monologue London
Pallet Day Bed Sale price£5,160.00 GBP
Hollywood Chaise Longue
Hollywood Chaise Longue Sale price£11,910.00 GBP
Victoria Chaise LongueVictoria Chaise Longue
Victoria Chaise Longue Sale priceFrom £4,550.00 GBP
Julep IslandJulep Island
Julep Island Sale priceFrom £5,750.00 GBP
Hepburn Modular SofaHepburn Modular Sofa
Hepburn Modular Sofa Sale priceFrom £12,700.00 GBP
Le Mura DaybedLe Mura Daybed
Le Mura Daybed Sale price£7,030.00 GBP
Litho Chaise LongueLitho Chaise Longue
Litho Chaise Longue Sale price£13,760.00 GBP
Buenos Aires Chaise LongueBuenos Aires Chaise Longue
Buenos Aires Chaise Longue Sale price£8,360.00 GBP
Ruban BenchRuban Bench
Ruban Bench Sale price£6,650.00 GBP
Marmini I Lounge ChairMarmini I Lounge Chair
Marmini I Lounge Chair Sale price£15,060.00 GBP
Sumo Daybed with TableSumo Daybed with Table
Sumo Daybed with Table Sale price£10,980.00 GBP
Stack Round Pouf with CushionStack Round Pouf with Cushion
Stack Round Pouf with Cushion Sale price£13,407.00 GBP
Stack Rectangular Pouf with CushionStack Rectangular Pouf with Cushion
Stack Rectangular Pouf with Cushion Sale price£11,756.00 GBP
Pico Daybed
Pico Daybed Sale priceFrom £15,535.00 GBP
111 Daybed
111 Daybed Sale price£6,370.00 GBP
Milano DaybedMilano Daybed
Milano Daybed Sale price£9,170.00 GBP
Five to Nine Daybed - Ex DisplayFive to Nine Daybed - Ex Display
Five to Nine Daybed - Ex Display Sale price£4,440.00 GBP Regular price£8,880.00 GBP
Solar DaybedSolar Daybed
Solar Daybed Sale price£8,005.00 GBP
Additional System DaybedAdditional System Daybed
Additional System Daybed Sale price£10,370.00 GBP
Boborelax Lounge ChairBoborelax Lounge Chair
Boborelax Lounge Chair Sale price£3,020.00 GBP
Albireo DaybedAlbireo Daybed
Albireo Daybed Sale priceFrom £12,600.00 GBP
OZE DaybedOZE Daybed
OZE Daybed Sale priceFrom £12,510.00 GBP
POP DaybedPOP Daybed
POP Daybed Sale priceFrom £12,460.00 GBP
So Soft DaybedSo Soft Daybed
So Soft Daybed Sale priceFrom £5,880.00 GBP
Himba Outdoor MatHimba Outdoor Mat
Himba Outdoor Mat Sale price£4,405.00 GBP
Himba Sun LoungerHimba Sun Lounger
Himba Sun Lounger Sale price£9,465.00 GBP
Rimini Sun LoungerRimini Sun Lounger
Rimini Sun Lounger Sale priceFrom £5,330.00 GBP
Rimini Sun LoungerRimini Sun Lounger
Rimini Sun Lounger Sale price£4,215.00 GBP
Rimini Outdoor Lounge ChairRimini Outdoor Lounge Chair
Rimini Outdoor Lounge Chair Sale price£3,350.00 GBP
Tia Sun LoungerTia Sun Lounger
Tia Sun Lounger Sale price£4,620.00 GBP