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Collector ChandelierCollector Chandelier
Collector Chandelier Sale priceFrom £1,415.00 GBP
Resonant PendantResonant Pendant
Resonant Pendant Sale price£2,245.00 GBP
Model 2042/3 ChandelierModel 2042/3 Chandelier
Model 2042/3 Chandelier Sale price£2,570.00 GBP
Colette Table Lamp ATD6Colette Table Lamp ATD6
Colette Table Lamp ATD6 Sale price£305.00 GBP
Herman Table Lamp SHY3Herman Table Lamp SHY3
Herman Table Lamp SHY3 Sale price£365.00 GBP
Tube and Rectangle Pendant
Tube and Rectangle Pendant Sale price£3,625.00 GBP
Tube with Cones PendantTube with Cones Pendant
Tube with Cones Pendant Sale price£2,185.00 GBP
Tube with Cones Floor Lamp
Tube with Cones Floor Lamp Sale price£2,460.00 GBP
Tube with Cones Table LampTube with Cones Table Lamp
Tube with Cones Table Lamp Sale price£1,295.00 GBP
Tube with Globes Wall LampTube with Globes Wall Lamp
Tube with Globes Wall Lamp Sale price£1,380.00 GBP
Tube with Globes Table LampTube with Globes Table Lamp
Tube with Globes Table Lamp Sale price£1,450.00 GBP
Tube and Rectangle Floor LampTube and Rectangle Floor Lamp
Tube and Rectangle Floor Lamp Sale price£3,805.00 GBP
Tube and Rectangle Table LampTube and Rectangle Table Lamp
Tube and Rectangle Table Lamp Sale price£2,460.00 GBP
Tube and Rectangle Wall LampTube and Rectangle Wall Lamp
Tube and Rectangle Wall Lamp Sale price£2,150.00 GBP
Tube with Triangle Table LampTube with Triangle Table Lamp
Tube with Triangle Table Lamp Sale price£2,020.00 GBP
Tube with Triangle Wall LampTube with Triangle Wall Lamp
Tube with Triangle Wall Lamp Sale price£1,910.00 GBP
Asymptote PendantAsymptote Pendant
Asymptote Pendant Sale price£1,475.00 GBP
Profiles Floor LampProfiles Floor Lamp
Profiles Floor Lamp Sale price£2,520.00 GBP
Off Center Table LampOff Center Table Lamp
Off Center Table Lamp Sale price£1,295.00 GBP
Off Center Floor LampOff Center Floor Lamp
Off Center Floor Lamp Sale price£2,100.00 GBP
Off Center PendantOff Center Pendant
Off Center Pendant Sale price£1,525.00 GBP
Parallel Floor LampParallel Floor Lamp
Parallel Floor Lamp Sale price£4,540.00 GBP
Profiles Table LampProfiles Table Lamp
Profiles Table Lamp Sale price£1,285.00 GBP
Parallel 4 Tubes PendantParallel 4 Tubes Pendant
Parallel 4 Tubes Pendant Sale price£3,770.00 GBP
Parallel 2 Tubes PendantParallel 2 Tubes Pendant
Parallel 2 Tubes Pendant Sale price£3,420.00 GBP
Tube and Globe PendantTube and Globe Pendant
Tube and Globe Pendant Sale price£2,140.00 GBP
Tube and Globe Floor LampTube and Globe Floor Lamp
Tube and Globe Floor Lamp Sale price£2,700.00 GBP
Asymptote Table LampAsymptote Table Lamp
Asymptote Table Lamp Sale price£985.00 GBP
Array Wall LampArray Wall Lamp
Array Wall Lamp Sale price£3,395.00 GBP
Array Floor LampArray Floor Lamp
Array Floor Lamp Sale price£5,350.00 GBP
Array Table LampArray Table Lamp
Array Table Lamp Sale price£2,760.00 GBP
Beta P Floor Lamp - Ex DisplayBeta P Floor Lamp - Monologue London
Beta P Floor Lamp - Ex Display Sale price£699.00 GBP Regular price£1,420.00 GBP
Oda Stripes Floor LampOda Stripes Floor Lamp
Oda Stripes Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £2,300.00 GBP
Gunta Floor LampGunta Floor Lamp
Gunta Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £3,470.00 GBP
Sophia Table LampSophia Table Lamp
Sophia Table Lamp Sale price£2,390.00 GBP
Delphi Pendant 7Delphi Pendant 7
Delphi Pendant 7 Sale price£17,520.00 GBP
Delphi Pendant 19Delphi Pendant 19
Delphi Pendant 19 Sale price£42,930.00 GBP
Delphi PendantDelphi Pendant
Delphi Pendant Sale price£3,540.00 GBP
Delphi SconceDelphi Sconce
Delphi Sconce Sale price£3,470.00 GBP
Balloon SconceBalloon Sconce
Balloon Sconce Sale price£1,520.00 GBP
Balloon Floor LampBalloon Floor Lamp
Balloon Floor Lamp Sale price£1,700.00 GBP
Discus Mini SconceDiscus Mini Sconce
Discus Mini Sconce Sale priceFrom £900.00 GBP
Sliver 325 U PendantSliver 325 U Pendant
Sliver 325 U Pendant Sale priceFrom £6,120.00 GBP
Column Table LampColumn Table Lamp
Column Table Lamp Sale price£1,150.00 GBP
Disc and Sphere Glass Ceiling LampDisc and Sphere Glass Ceiling Lamp
Disc and Sphere Glass Ceiling Lamp Sale priceFrom £2,065.00 GBP
Tubes Ceiling Lamp
Tubes Ceiling Lamp Sale priceFrom £4,195.00 GBP
Tubes Floor LampTubes Floor Lamp
Tubes Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £6,290.00 GBP
Papillon Wall LampPapillon Wall Lamp
Papillon Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom £1,510.00 GBP