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Holiday 2023 Gift Guide

Holiday 2023 Gift Guide

Discover our collection of design and home-decor gifts for this Holiday Season.
Shop unique gift ideas, handpicked by the Monologue team.

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The Hot Teapot - Monologue LondonThe Hot Teapot - Monologue London
The Hot Teapot Sale price£360.00 GBP
The Warm Tea Cup - Monologue LondonThe Warm Tea Cup - Monologue London
The Warm Tea Cup Sale price£90.00 GBP
Pivot Portable Table Lamp ATD7Pivot Portable Table Lamp ATD7
Pivot Portable Table Lamp ATD7 Sale price£265.00 GBP
Twisted CandlesTwisted Candles
Twisted Candles Sale price£18.00 GBP
Gravity Zodiac PaperweightGravity Zodiac Paperweight
Gravity Zodiac Paperweight Sale priceFrom £195.00 GBP
Sphere Bubble Vase - MedioSphere Bubble Vase - Medio
Sphere Bubble Vase - Medio Sale price£30.00 GBP
LUTETIA Tea-Light HolderLUTETIA Tea-Light Holder
LUTETIA Tea-Light Holder Sale price£399.00 GBP
Nechama Candle - Monologue LondonNechama Candle - Monologue London
Nechama Candle Sale price£25.00 GBP Regular price£50.00 GBP
Creamy Vase 188Creamy Vase 188
Creamy Vase 188 Sale price£125.00 GBP
MOD Blanket 01 - Navy - Monologue LondonMOD Blanket 01 - Navy - Monologue London
MOD Blanket Sale priceFrom £480.00 GBP
28t Table Lamp28t Table Lamp
28t Table Lamp Sale price£890.00 GBP
Chantico Oil LampChantico Oil Lamp
Chantico Oil Lamp Sale price£505.00 GBP
SLO Bookends - White AcquaticoSLO Bookends - White Acquatico
SLO Bookends - White Acquatico Sale price£1,560.00 GBP
Gravity Marble Sphere - Monologue LondonGravity Marble Sphere - Monologue London
Gravity Marble Sphere Sale price£195.00 GBP
Conical CandlesConical Candles
Conical Candles Sale price£19.00 GBP
Fungus Vase - Tall, MintFungus Vase - Tall, Mint
Fungus Vase - Tall, Mint Sale price£1,050.00 GBP
Petra M Table LampPetra M Table Lamp
Petra M Table Lamp Sale priceFrom £545.00 GBP
ROI Stool - TravertineROI Stool - Travertine
ROI Stool - Travertine Sale price£6,070.00 GBP
Arca Portable LampArca Portable Lamp
Arca Portable Lamp Sale price£200.00 GBP Regular price£350.00 GBP
Qucha VaseQucha Vase
Qucha Vase Sale price£780.00 GBP
Allpa VaseAllpa Vase
Allpa Vase Sale price£780.00 GBP
RIPPLE Fruit BowlRIPPLE Fruit Bowl
RIPPLE Fruit Bowl Sale priceFrom £1,105.00 GBP
The Gleam Oil Lamp - Monologue LondonThe Gleam Oil Lamp - Monologue London
The Gleam Oil Lamp Sale price£180.00 GBP Regular price£230.00 GBP
Trivets - Monologue LondonTrivets - Monologue London
Trivets Black Sale price£140.00 GBP
Cobra CeramicsCobra Ceramics
Cobra Ceramics Sale priceFrom £35.00 GBP
Mellow Vase - Indigo & TeakMellow Vase - Indigo & Teak
Mellow Vase - Indigo & Teak Sale price£119.00 GBP
Collect CarafeCollect Carafe
Collect Carafe Sale priceFrom £30.00 GBP Regular price£45.00 GBP
Collect Glass - Set of 2Collect Glass - Set of 2
Collect Glass - Set of 2 Sale priceFrom £20.00 GBP Regular price£30.00 GBP
Duck Ceramic VaseDuck Ceramic Vase
Duck Ceramic Vase Sale price£69.00 GBP
BOS Vase - Fior di PescoBOS Vase - Fior di Pesco
BOS Vase - Fior di Pesco Sale priceFrom £3,360.00 GBP
Creamy Vase 106Creamy Vase 106
Creamy Vase 106 Sale price£125.00 GBP
Reverse Table Lamp - Monologue LondonReverse Table Lamp - Monologue London
Reverse Table Lamp Sale price£555.00 GBP
Mellow Vase - Green & Pink - Monologue LondonMellow Vase - Green & Pink - Monologue London
Mellow Vase - Green & Pink Sale priceFrom £119.00 GBP
Bold ChairBold Chair
Bold Chair Sale price£400.00 GBP Regular price£575.00 GBP
Isola ShelvesIsola Shelves
Isola Shelves Sale price£170.00 GBP
Ingres Mirror - DominiqueIngres Mirror - Dominique
Ingres Mirror - Dominique Sale price£1,155.00 GBP
Archimera SculpturesArchimera Sculptures
Archimera Sculptures Sale price£850.00 GBP
Mohair Cushion V62 - Monologue LondonMohair Cushion V62 - Monologue London
Mohair Cushion V62 Sale price£89.00 GBP
Viso Blanket V47 - Monologue LondonViso Blanket V47 - Monologue London
Viso Blanket V47 Sale price£310.00 GBP
JWDA Table LampJWDA Table Lamp
JWDA Table Lamp Sale price£299.00 GBP Regular price£365.00 GBP
Dudù CarafeDudù Carafe
Dudù Carafe Sale price£160.00 GBP
Affinità Elettive - Ottilie Vase, Pink Portugal - Monologue LondonAffinità Elettive - Ottilie Vase, Pink Portugal - Monologue London
Boccia Large - Clear with marble lid - Monologue LondonBoccia Large - Clear with marble lid - Monologue London
Boccia Carafe - Large Sale price£125.00 GBP
Sphere Bubble Vase - Hexa TallSphere Bubble Vase - Hexa Tall
Sphere Bubble Vase - Hexa Tall Sale price£120.00 GBP
Mellow Vase - Pink & Purple - Monologue LondonMellow Vase - Pink & Purple - Monologue London
Mellow Vase - Pink & Purple Sale priceFrom £119.00 GBP
Mellow Vase - Yellow & Pink - Monologue LondonMellow Vase - Yellow & Pink - Monologue London
Mellow Vase - Yellow & Pink Sale price£119.00 GBP
Hinoki Noir Candle - Monologue LondonHinoki Noir Candle - Monologue London
Hinoki Noir Candle Sale price£30.00 GBP Regular price£55.00 GBP
Alexandria Oval Cup - Anthracite - Monologue London
Alexandria Tray Sale price£139.00 GBP Regular price£149.00 GBP