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Holiday 2023 Gift Guide

Holiday 2023 Gift Guide

Discover our collection of design and home-decor gifts for this Holiday Season.
Shop unique gift ideas, handpicked by the Monologue team.

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Balancing Paperweight - Monologue LondonBalancing Paperweight - Monologue London
Balancing Paperweight Sale price£240.00 GBP
Fat Rolls Vase - Small, Black Marquina - Monologue LondonFat Rolls Vase - Small
Fat Rolls Vase - Small Sale priceFrom £1,000.00 GBP
Balancing Letter Holder - Monologue LondonBalancing Letter Holder - Monologue London
Balancing Letter Holder Sale price£280.00 GBP
Balancing Document Holder - Monologue LondonBalancing Document Holder - Monologue London
Balancing Document Holder Sale price£370.00 GBP
Affinità Elettive - Ottilie Vase, Carrara - Monologue LondonAffinità Elettive - Ottilie Vase
Affinità Elettive - Ottilie Vase Sale priceFrom £590.00 GBP
Affinità Elettive - Eduard Vase - Monologue LondonAffinità Elettive - Eduard Vase
Affinità Elettive - Eduard Vase Sale price£660.00 GBP
Vaso Roccheto - Monologue London
Vaso Roccheto Sale price£720.00 GBP
Scultura F6 - Monologue London
Scultura F6 Sale price£990.00 GBP
Pietra L 03 TraysPietra L 03 Trays
Pietra L 03 Trays Sale price£410.00 GBP
White Candle - Monologue LondonWhite Candle - Monologue London
White Candle Sale price£25.00 GBP Regular price£50.00 GBP
Creamy Vase 194Creamy Vase 194
Creamy Vase 194 Sale price£125.00 GBP
Creamy Vase 202Creamy Vase 202
Creamy Vase 202 Sale price£125.00 GBP
Creamy Vase 205Creamy Vase 205
Creamy Vase 205 Sale price£125.00 GBP
Creamy Vase 118Creamy Vase 118
Creamy Vase 118 Sale price£125.00 GBP
Elements Vase - Monologue LondonElements Vase - Monologue London
ELEMENTS Vase Sale price£1,980.00 GBP
Affinità Elettive - Lotte Bowl - Monologue LondonAffinità Elettive - Lotte Bowl
Affinità Elettive - Lotte Bowl Sale priceFrom £350.00 GBP
Affinità Elettive - Otto Tray - Monologue LondonAffinità Elettive - Otto Tray - Monologue London
Affinità Elettive - Otto Tray Sale price£930.00 GBP
Fat Rolls Vase - Large, Pink Portugal - Monologue LondonFat Rolls Vase - Large, Pink Portugal - Monologue London
Fat Rolls Vase - Large Sale price£1,900.00 GBP
The Short VaseThe Short Vase
The Short Vase Sale price£410.00 GBP Regular price£520.00 GBP
NUPE Fruit BowlNUPE Fruit Bowl
NUPE Fruit Bowl Sale priceFrom £3,160.00 GBP
Figure Cushion - TaupeFigure Cushion - Taupe
Figure Cushion - Taupe Sale price£30.00 GBP
Figure Cushion - Grey BlueFigure Cushion - Grey Blue
Figure Cushion - Grey Blue Sale price£30.00 GBP
Lady BlanketLady Blanket
Lady Blanket Sale price£1,100.00 GBP
Bold BlanketBold Blanket
Bold Blanket Sale price£460.00 GBP