Gravity Zodiac Paperweight

£195.00 GBP
Colour: Gemini

Design by Salvatori

Discover the Gravity Zodiac collection and how your sign is interpreted through the essence of natural stone in a beautiful piece of Made in Italy design.

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Available in the following finishes:

  • Aries – Mars in Red Travertine
  • Taurus – Venus in Giallo Siena
  • Gemini – Mercury in Gris du Marais
  • Cancer – Moon in Aurora Travertine
  • Leo – Sun in Yellow Travertine
  • Virgo – Mercury in Gris du Marais
  • Libra – Venus in Giallo Siena
  • Scorpio – Pluto in Botticino
  • Sagittarius – Jupiter in Salomé
  • Capricorn – Saturn in Soft Rainbow
  • Aquarius – Uranus in Cremo Tirreno
  • Pisces – Neptune in Palissandro Bluette

Material: Marble, Brass

Dimensions: Ø 10cm (3.9"), H: 12cm (4.3")

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