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Summer Sale 23

Summer Sale 23

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Brasilia OttomanBrasilia Ottoman
Brasilia Ottoman Sale priceFrom £675.00 GBP
Brasilia Lounge ChairBrasilia Lounge Chair
Brasilia Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom £2,280.00 GBP
Shuffle Table MH1Shuffle Table MH1
Shuffle Table MH1 Sale price£485.00 GBP
Offset Coffee Table - Monologue LondonOffset Coffee Table - Monologue London
Offset Coffee Table Sale priceFrom £2,750.00 GBP
Lato Side TableLato Side Table
Lato Side Table Sale priceFrom £460.00 GBP
Plinth Side Table - Tall - Monologue LondonPlinth Side Table - Tall - Monologue London
Plinth Side Table - Tall Sale priceFrom £1,215.00 GBP
Plinth Coffee Table - Low - Monologue LondonPlinth Coffee Table - Low - Monologue London
Plinth Coffee Table - Low Sale priceFrom £1,950.00 GBP
Stone Wool RugStone Wool Rug
Stone Wool Rug Sale priceFrom £571.00 GBP
Stone Wool Little RugStone Wool Little Rug
Stone Wool Little Rug Sale price£286.00 GBP
Collect Bookend SC42Collect Bookend SC42
Collect Bookend SC42 Sale price£160.00 GBP
Plinth BridgePlinth Bridge
Plinth Bridge Sale priceFrom £1,580.00 GBP
Colette Table Lamp ATD6Colette Table Lamp ATD6
Colette Table Lamp ATD6 Sale price£305.00 GBP
Corbel ShelfCorbel Shelf
Corbel Shelf Sale price£260.00 GBP
Uni Rug - Bamboo SilkUni Rug - Bamboo Silk
Uni Rug - Bamboo Silk Sale priceFrom £1,745.00 GBP
Pier ChairPier Chair
Pier Chair Sale priceFrom £625.00 GBP
JWDA Table LampJWDA Table Lamp
JWDA Table Lamp Sale price£299.00 GBP Regular price£365.00 GBP
Manhattan SC52 Portable Table LampManhattan SC52 Portable Table Lamp
Manhattan SC52 Portable Table Lamp Sale price£122.00 GBP Regular price£185.00 GBP
Cast Sconce Wall LampCast Sconce Wall Lamp
Cast Sconce Wall Lamp Sale price£210.00 GBP
Radia Wall MirrorRadia Wall Mirror
Radia Wall Mirror Sale price£2,620.00 GBP
Flowerpot Table Lamp VP3Flowerpot Table Lamp VP3
Flowerpot Table Lamp VP3 Sale priceFrom £280.00 GBP
Collect Glass - Set of 2Collect Glass - Set of 2
Collect Glass - Set of 2 Sale priceFrom £20.00 GBP Regular price£30.00 GBP
Androgyne Side Table Ø40Androgyne Side Table Ø40
Androgyne Side Table Ø40 Sale priceFrom £355.00 GBP
TR Bulb Single Pendant - Monologue LondonTR Bulb Single Pendant
TR Bulb Single Pendant Sale price£175.00 GBP Regular price£220.00 GBP
Norm Floor Mirror - Monologue LondonNorm Floor Mirror - Monologue London
Norm Floor Mirror Sale price£555.00 GBP
Palette Table - JH7 - Monologue LondonPalette Table - JH7 - Monologue London
Palette Table JH7 Sale price£1,265.00 GBP
Collect CarafeCollect Carafe
Collect Carafe Sale priceFrom £30.00 GBP Regular price£45.00 GBP
Collect Cushion SC28 - LinenCollect Cushion SC28 - Linen - Monologue London
Collect Cushion SC28 - Linen Sale price£70.00 GBP
TR Bulb Wall/Ceiling LampTR Bulb Wall/Ceiling Lamp
TR Bulb Wall/Ceiling Lamp Sale price£271.00 GBP Regular price£355.00 GBP
Passepartout Wall Light JH12Passepartout Wall Light JH12
Passepartout Wall Light JH12 Sale price£305.00 GBP
Fly Lounge Chair SC1Fly Lounge Chair SC1
Fly Lounge Chair SC1 Sale priceFrom £2,410.00 GBP
Umanoff Side TableUmanoff Side Table
Umanoff Side Table Sale priceFrom £720.00 GBP
Formakami Table Lamp JH18 - Monologue LondonFormakami Table Lamp JH18 - Monologue London
Formakami Table Lamp JH18 Sale price£205.00 GBP
Copenhagen Table Lamp SC13 - Monologue LondonCopenhagen Table Lamp SC13 - Monologue London
Copenhagen Table Lamp SC13 Sale price£580.00 GBP
SHY1 Journey Table Lamp - Monologue LondonJourney Table Lamp SHY1
Journey Table Lamp SHY1 Sale price£305.00 GBP
Plinth Coffee Table - Cubic - Monologue LondonPlinth Coffee Table - Cubic - Monologue London
Plinth Coffee Table - Cubic Sale priceFrom £1,215.00 GBP
Blown PendantBlown Pendant - Opal - Monologue London
Blown Pendant Sale priceFrom £255.00 GBP
Goya Service TableGoya Service Table
Goya Service Table Sale priceFrom £1,815.00 GBP
Rely Swivel Chair HW12-HW14Rely Swivel Chair HW12-HW14
Rely Swivel Chair HW12-HW14 Sale priceFrom £470.00 GBP
Tangerine Bar StoolTangerine Bar Stool
Tangerine Bar Stool Sale priceFrom £575.00 GBP
Reverse Table Lamp - Monologue LondonReverse Table Lamp - Monologue London
Reverse Table Lamp Sale price£555.00 GBP
Afteroom Counter StoolAfteroom Counter Stool
Afteroom Counter Stool Sale price£340.00 GBP
Knitting ChairKnitting Chair
Knitting Chair Sale priceFrom £2,715.00 GBP
Pavilion Chair With Armrests AV2 - Set of 2 - Monologue LondonPavilion Chair With Armrests AV2 - Set of 2 - Monologue London
Pavilion Armchair AV2 - Set of 2 Sale priceFrom £680.00 GBP
Copenhagen Floor Lamp SC14 - Monologue LondonCopenhagen Floor Lamp SC14 - Monologue London
Copenhagen Floor Lamp SC14 Sale price£1,060.00 GBP
Offset SofaOffset Sofa
Offset Sofa Sale priceFrom £2,610.00 GBP
The Moor Rug - Red HeatherThe Moor Rug - Red Heather
The Moor Rug - Red Heather Sale priceFrom £1,265.00 GBP
Fly Table SC5 - Monologue LondonFly Table SC5
Fly Table SC5 Sale price£1,690.00 GBP
Fly Chair SC10Fly Chair SC10
Fly Chair SC10 Sale priceFrom £2,110.00 GBP