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Milan Design Week 2022

Milan Design Week 2022

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Pulse RugPulse Rug
Pulse Rug Sale price£8,010.00 GBP
Dolmen Coffee TableDolmen Coffee Table
Dolmen Coffee Table Sale priceFrom £6,975.00 GBP
Stroke RunnerStroke Runner
Stroke Runner Sale price£6,610.00 GBP
Med ChairMed Chair
Med Chair Sale priceFrom £1,050.00 GBP
Standalto Modular SofaStandalto Modular Sofa
Standalto Modular Sofa Sale price£0.00 GBP
Trampolino Coffee TableTrampolino Coffee Table
Trampolino Coffee Table Sale priceFrom £3,200.00 GBP
Standalto Lounge ChairStandalto Lounge Chair
Standalto Lounge Chair Sale price£0.00 GBP
Delta Vienna Lounge ChairDelta Vienna Lounge Chair
Delta Vienna Lounge Chair Sale price£2,340.00 GBP
Lapse 3 RugLapse 3 Rug
Lapse 3 Rug Sale priceFrom £5,025.00 GBP
Standalto SofaStandalto Sofa
Standalto Sofa Sale price£0.00 GBP
Sophia Table LampSophia Table Lamp
Sophia Table Lamp Sale price£2,390.00 GBP
Mill Coffee TableMill Coffee Table
Mill Coffee Table Sale priceFrom £5,030.00 GBP
Kanji TableKanji Table
Kanji Table Sale priceFrom £3,470.00 GBP
Le Mura Modular SofaLe Mura Modular Sofa
Le Mura Modular Sofa Sale price£15,120.00 GBP
Gunta Floor LampGunta Floor Lamp
Gunta Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £3,470.00 GBP
Memoriae RugMemoriae Rug
Memoriae Rug Sale priceFrom £5,875.00 GBP
Lapse 2 RugLapse 2 Rug
Lapse 2 Rug Sale priceFrom £4,200.00 GBP
Car Park 1 RugCar Park 1 Rug
Car Park 1 Rug Sale price£9,235.00 GBP
Jadeite Stool / Side TableJadeite Stool / Side Table
Jadeite Stool / Side Table Sale price£1,450.00 GBP
Lapse 1 RugLapse 1 Rug
Lapse 1 Rug Sale priceFrom £4,200.00 GBP
Car Park 2 RugCar Park 2 Rug
Car Park 2 Rug Sale price£10,450.00 GBP
Euphorbia RugEuphorbia Rug
Euphorbia Rug Sale priceFrom £6,125.00 GBP
Euphorbia RunnerEuphorbia Runner
Euphorbia Runner Sale price£2,000.00 GBP Regular price£4,500.00 GBP
Ceremony RugCeremony Rug
Ceremony Rug Sale priceFrom £3,530.00 GBP
Troupe RugTroupe Rug
Troupe Rug Sale priceFrom £3,370.00 GBP
Venus Power Nuvola RugVenus Power Nuvola Rug
Venus Power Nuvola Rug Sale price£2,140.00 GBP
Bliss Round RugBliss Round Rug
Bliss Round Rug Sale price£10,800.00 GBP
Pietra Selva TrolleyPietra Selva Trolley
Pietra Selva Trolley Sale price£3,745.00 GBP
Car Park 4 RunnerCar Park 4 Runner
Car Park 4 Runner Sale price£5,190.00 GBP
Lyn Mini CabinetLyn Mini Cabinet
Lyn Mini Cabinet Sale priceFrom £1,020.00 GBP
Como ShelfComo Shelf
Como Shelf Sale priceFrom £1,560.00 GBP
Car Park 3 RugCar Park 3 Rug
Car Park 3 Rug Sale price£10,470.00 GBP
Lyn Extended CabinetLyn Extended Cabinet
Lyn Extended Cabinet Sale priceFrom £2,280.00 GBP
Oda Stripes Floor LampOda Stripes Floor Lamp
Oda Stripes Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £2,300.00 GBP
Lizzy ChairLizzy Chair
Lizzy Chair Sale priceFrom £980.00 GBP
Tokio Coffee TableTokio Coffee Table
Tokio Coffee Table Sale priceFrom £3,415.00 GBP
Tokio Side TableTokio Side Table
Tokio Side Table Sale priceFrom £1,460.00 GBP
Tokio Service TableTokio Service Table
Tokio Service Table Sale priceFrom £2,070.00 GBP
Le Mura SofaLe Mura Sofa
Le Mura Sofa Sale priceFrom £10,990.00 GBP
Le Mura DaybedLe Mura Daybed
Le Mura Daybed Sale price£7,030.00 GBP
Brame MirrorBrame Mirror
Brame Mirror Sale price£2,735.00 GBP
Tokio SofaTokio Sofa
Tokio Sofa Sale price£12,215.00 GBP
Scalea TableScalea Table
Scalea Table Sale priceFrom £2,695.00 GBP Regular price£4,490.00 GBP
Tokio SideboardTokio Sideboard
Tokio Sideboard Sale priceFrom £2,450.00 GBP
Tokio Coffee Table with DrawerTokio Coffee Table with Drawer
Tokio Coffee Table with Drawer Sale priceFrom £3,160.00 GBP
Marenco ChairMarenco Chair
Marenco Chair Sale price£4,465.00 GBP
Zigo Side TableZigo Side Table
Zigo Side Table Sale priceFrom £1,310.00 GBP
Tototò Side TableTototò Side Table
Tototò Side Table Sale priceFrom £610.00 GBP