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Cane Furniture

Cane Furniture

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Wiener Box Table - Monologue LondonWiener Box Table - Monologue London
Wiener Box Table Sale priceFrom £2,075.00 GBP
Wagasa Pendant LampWagasa - Pendant Lamp - Monologue London
Wagasa Pendant Lamp Sale price£2,080.00 GBP
N. 811 Armchair - Monologue LondonN. 811 Armchair - Monologue London
N. 811 Armchair Sale priceFrom £770.00 GBP
N. 811 Bar StoolN. 811 Bar Stool
N. 811 Bar Stool Sale priceFrom £1,060.00 GBP
N. 18 ChairN. 18 Chair
N. 18 Chair Sale priceFrom £560.00 GBP
NYNY Chest of DrawersNYNY Chest of Drawers
NYNY Chest of Drawers Sale price£6,700.00 GBP
NYNY Unit - TotemNYNY Unit - Totem
NYNY Unit - Totem Sale price£14,695.00 GBP
NYNY SideboardNYNY Sideboard
NYNY Sideboard Sale price£18,280.00 GBP
Mos Side TableMos Side Table
Mos Side Table Sale price£1,510.00 GBP
Mos ConsoleMos Console
Mos Console Sale price£3,980.00 GBP
Mos BookcaseMos Bookcase
Mos Bookcase Sale price£4,390.00 GBP
Sölden ChairSölden Chair
Sölden Chair Sale priceFrom £1,000.00 GBP
Suzenne SofaSuzenne Sofa
Suzenne Sofa Sale price£5,490.00 GBP
Henley Street DividerHenley Street Divider
Henley Street Divider Sale price£11,880.00 GBP
N. 200 Armchair - Monologue LondonN. 200 Armchair - Monologue London
N. 200 Armchair Sale priceFrom £2,120.00 GBP
Mos Bench - Monologue LondonMos Bench - Monologue London
Mos Bench Sale priceFrom £2,995.00 GBP
Suzenne Lounge Chair - Monologue LondonSuzenne Lounge Chair - Monologue London
Suzenne Lounge Chair Sale price£3,770.00 GBP
Targa Love Seat - Monologue London
Targa Love Seat Sale price£3,850.00 GBP
Vienna 144 Barhocker - Monologue LondonVienna 144 Barhocker - Monologue London
Vienna 144 Barhocker Sale priceFrom £640.00 GBP
Hideout Loveseat - Monologue LondonHideout Loveseat - Monologue London
Hideout Loveseat Sale priceFrom £6,790.00 GBP
Targa Sofa - Modular - Monologue LondonTarga Sofa - Modular - Monologue London
Targa Modular Sofa Sale priceFrom £12,095.00 GBP
Single Curve Stool - Monologue LondonSingle Curve Stool - Monologue London
Single Curve Stool Sale priceFrom £765.00 GBP
Coat Rack Bench - Monologue LondonCoat Rack Bench - Monologue London
Coat Rack Bench Sale price£1,870.00 GBP
Wagasa Floor LampWagasa Floor Lamp - Monologue London
Wagasa Floor Lamp Sale price£2,770.00 GBP
Targa Sofa - Monologue LondonTarga Sofa - Monologue London
Targa Sofa Sale priceFrom £6,130.00 GBP
Hideout Lounge ChairHideout Lounge Chair
Hideout Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom £4,110.00 GBP
Wiener Stuhl ChairWiener Stuhl Chair
Wiener Stuhl Chair Sale priceFrom £655.00 GBP
N. 0 Chair - Monologue LondonN. 0 Chair - Monologue London
N. 0 Chair Sale priceFrom £1,125.00 GBP
N. 811 Chair - Monologue LondonN. 811 Chair
N. 811 Chair Sale priceFrom £595.00 GBP
N. 14 Chair - Monologue LondonN. 14 Chair - Monologue London
N. 14 Chair Sale priceFrom £540.00 GBP
Morris Chair - Monologue LondonMorris Chair - Monologue London
Morris Chair Sale priceFrom £910.00 GBP
Bodystuhl ChairBodystuhl Chair
Bodystuhl Chair Sale price£1,015.00 GBP