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Patterned and Illustrative Rugs

Patterned and Illustrative Rugs

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Monolito Muscovite Rug
Monolito Muscovite Rug Sale priceFrom £15,940.00 GBP
Monolito Rhodonite Rug
Monolito Rhodonite Rug Sale priceFrom £15,940.00 GBP
Teotihuacán 1962 RugTeotihuacán 1962 Rug
Teotihuacán 1962 Rug Sale priceFrom £9,275.00 GBP
Teotihuacán 1963 RugTeotihuacán 1963 Rug
Teotihuacán 1963 Rug Sale priceFrom £9,275.00 GBP
Teotihuacán 1964 RugTeotihuacán 1964 Rug
Teotihuacán 1964 Rug Sale priceFrom £9,275.00 GBP
Rude - Bits in Space RugRude - Bits in Space Rug
Rude - Bits in Space Rug Sale price£8,265.00 GBP
Rude - Tongue-and-Cheek RugRude - Tongue-and-Cheek Rug
Rude - Tongue-and-Cheek Rug Sale price£10,730.00 GBP
Rude - Spare Parts RugRude - Spare Parts Rug
Rude - Spare Parts Rug Sale price£8,300.00 GBP
Rude - Bits and Bobs RugRude - Bits and Bobs Rug
Rude - Bits and Bobs Rug Sale price£8,710.00 GBP
Rude - Poking Fun RugRude - Poking Fun Rug
Rude - Poking Fun Rug Sale price£6,970.00 GBP
Rude - Tiddlybits RugRude - Tiddlybits Rug
Rude - Tiddlybits Rug Sale price£7,185.00 GBP