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Home Office

Home Office


SLO Bookends - Set of 2SLO Bookends - Set of 2
SLO Bookends - Set of 2 Sale priceFrom £1,645.00 GBP
Hat Desk LampHat Desk Lamp
Hat Desk Lamp Sale price£1,135.00 GBP
Jiro Swivel ChairJiro Swivel Chair
Jiro Swivel Chair Sale priceFrom £650.00 GBP
Jiro Swivel Chair w/CastersJiro Swivel Chair w/Casters
Jiro Swivel Chair w/Casters Sale priceFrom £650.00 GBP
Darling Point DeskDarling Point Desk
Darling Point Desk Sale price£13,175.00 GBP
Darling Point ConsoleDarling Point Console
Darling Point Console Sale price£13,175.00 GBP
Model 566 Table LampModel 566 Table Lamp
Model 566 Table Lamp Sale price£534.00 GBP
Jumbo DeskJumbo Desk
Jumbo Desk Sale price£4,670.00 GBP
Tolda DeskTolda Desk
Tolda Desk Sale price£3,000.00 GBP
Harbour Swivel ArmchairHarbour Swivel Armchair
Harbour Swivel Armchair Sale priceFrom £1,120.00 GBP
Harbour Swivel Armchair w/CastersHarbour Swivel Armchair w/Casters
Harbour Swivel Armchair w/Casters Sale priceFrom £1,205.00 GBP
Scribe DeskScribe Desk
Scribe Desk Sale priceFrom £6,160.00 GBP
Council Swivel ChairCouncil Swivel Chair
Council Swivel Chair Sale priceFrom £3,355.00 GBP
Council Swivel Lounge ChairCouncil Swivel Lounge Chair
Council Swivel Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom £3,420.00 GBP
Bessi ChairBessi Chair
Bessi Chair Sale priceFrom £450.00 GBP
Time Swivel ChairTime Swivel Chair
Time Swivel Chair Sale priceFrom £2,050.00 GBP
Ezone DeskEzone Desk
Ezone Desk Sale price£3,510.00 GBP
Nyhavn DeskNyhavn Desk
Nyhavn Desk Sale price£5,325.00 GBP
Nyhavn Extendable Dining TableNyhavn Extendable Dining Table
Nyhavn Extendable Dining Table Sale price£4,500.00 GBP
Pavilion Desk AV16Pavilion Desk AV16
Pavilion Desk AV16 Sale price£1,085.00 GBP
Pavilion Desk AV17Pavilion Desk AV17
Pavilion Desk AV17 Sale price£1,325.00 GBP
Drip Table HW58Drip Table HW58
Drip Table HW58 Sale priceFrom £1,145.00 GBP
Drip Table HW59Drip Table HW59
Drip Table HW59 Sale priceFrom £1,265.00 GBP
Drip Table HW60Drip Table HW60
Drip Table HW60 Sale priceFrom £1,565.00 GBP
Eclipse DeskEclipse Desk
Eclipse Desk Sale price£2,205.00 GBP
Ready ChairReady Chair
Ready Chair Sale price£340.00 GBP
Ready Upholstered ChairReady Upholstered Chair
Ready Upholstered Chair Sale priceFrom £365.00 GBP
Magnum Dining TableMagnum Dining Table
Magnum Dining Table Sale priceFrom £7,650.00 GBP
Rocky Side TableRocky Side Table
Rocky Side Table Sale price£1,380.00 GBP
Rocky Credenza - Limited EditionRocky Credenza - Limited Edition
Rocky Credenza - Limited Edition Sale price£16,590.00 GBP
Rocky Side Table - Limited Edition
Rocky Side Table - Limited Edition Sale price£5,400.00 GBP
Plasterworks B Rug - Monologue London
Plasterworks B Rug - Ex Display Sale price£1,700.00 GBP Regular price£4,690.00 GBP
Savignyplatz DeskSavignyplatz Desk
Savignyplatz Desk Sale price£19,080.00 GBP
Bi Dressing TableBi Dressing Table
Bi Dressing Table Sale price£13,800.00 GBP
Poeme ShelfPoeme Shelf
Poeme Shelf Sale priceFrom £1,855.00 GBP
Plasterworks D RugPlasterworks D Rug
Plasterworks D Rug Sale priceFrom £6,260.00 GBP
Plasterworks E Runner
Plasterworks E Runner Sale price£4,830.00 GBP
JEF DeskJEF Desk
JEF Desk Sale priceFrom £27,830.00 GBP
Column Table LampColumn Table Lamp
Column Table Lamp Sale price£1,150.00 GBP
Array Table LampArray Table Lamp
Array Table Lamp Sale price£2,760.00 GBP
Asymptote Table LampAsymptote Table Lamp
Asymptote Table Lamp Sale price£985.00 GBP
Profiles Table LampProfiles Table Lamp
Profiles Table Lamp Sale price£1,285.00 GBP
Pavilion TablePavilion Table
Pavilion Table Sale priceFrom £1,385.00 GBP
Mamba Light Wall DeskMamba Light Wall Desk
Mamba Light Wall Desk Sale priceFrom £1,420.00 GBP
Venti Home Light DeskVenti Home Light Desk
Venti Home Light Desk Sale price£4,735.00 GBP
Twenty-Five DeskTwenty-Five Desk
Twenty-Five Desk Sale priceFrom £5,515.00 GBP
Merkur ArmchairMerkur Armchair
Merkur Armchair Sale price£685.00 GBP
Merkur Upholstered ArmchairMerkur Upholstered Armchair
Merkur Upholstered Armchair Sale priceFrom £745.00 GBP