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Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-Knotted Rugs

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Shoreditch Tibberup RugShoreditch Tibberup Rug
Shoreditch Tibberup Rug Sale priceFrom £9,635.00 GBP
Mindscape Rug - Realm
Mindscape Rug - Realm Sale price£11,230.00 GBP
Mindscape Rug - ScopeMindscape Rug - Scope
Mindscape Rug - Scope Sale price£11,230.00 GBP
Lonely RugLonely Rug
Lonely Rug Sale priceFrom £8,510.00 GBP
Anselm Reyle Untitled RugAnselm Reyle Untitled Rug
Anselm Reyle Untitled Rug Sale priceFrom £13,110.00 GBP
Brage (28 Grader Diaz Edit) RugBrage (28 Grader Diaz Edit) Rug
Brage (28 Grader Diaz Edit) Rug Sale priceFrom £8,625.00 GBP
Engelholm Nobu RugEngelholm Nobu Rug
Engelholm Nobu Rug Sale priceFrom £8,625.00 GBP
Klafrestrom (Refshaleoen Edit) RugKlafrestrom (Refshaleoen Edit) Rug
Klafrestrom (Refshaleoen Edit) Rug Sale priceFrom £8,625.00 GBP
Skalderviken RugSkalderviken Rug
Skalderviken Rug Sale priceFrom £8,625.00 GBP
Christiania Paris 1966 Devlin RugChristiania Paris 1966 Devlin Rug
Christiania Paris 1966 Devlin Rug Sale priceFrom £9,935.00 GBP
Taastrup 1951 Doheny RugTaastrup 1951 Doheny Rug
Taastrup 1951 Doheny Rug Sale priceFrom £6,945.00 GBP
Black and White People Pattern RugBlack and White People Pattern Rug
Black and White People Pattern Rug Sale priceFrom £20,330.00 GBP
Strabone RugStrabone Rug
Strabone Rug Sale priceFrom £7,020.00 GBP
Helmut Lang Untitled RugHelmut Lang Untitled Rug
Helmut Lang Untitled Rug Sale priceFrom £12,000.00 GBP
Osterbro St Ives RugOsterbro St Ives Rug
Osterbro St Ives Rug Sale priceFrom £9,635.00 GBP
Tired Little One RugTired Little One Rug
Tired Little One Rug Sale price£9,030.00 GBP
Vietas RugVietas Rug
Vietas Rug Sale priceFrom £5,060.00 GBP
Kastrup (Closed on Sunday Edit) Rug
Kastrup (Closed on Sunday Edit) Rug Sale priceFrom £9,630.00 GBP
Berzelii Rug (Trasher Edit)Berzelii Rug (Trasher Edit)
Berzelii Rug (Trasher Edit) Sale priceFrom £6,280.00 GBP
Calata Piliero (101) RugCalata Piliero (101) Rug
Calata Piliero (101) Rug Sale priceFrom £9,630.00 GBP
Twilight RugTwilight Rug
Twilight Rug Sale priceFrom £12,850.00 GBP
Nausta RugNausta Rug
Nausta Rug Sale priceFrom £5,060.00 GBP
Patcha RunnerPatcha Runner
Patcha Runner Sale price£6,490.00 GBP
Patcha RugPatcha Rug
Patcha Rug Sale price£8,800.00 GBP
Alserio RugAlserio Rug
Alserio Rug Sale priceFrom £7,020.00 GBP
Patcha Square RugPatcha Square Rug
Patcha Square Rug Sale price£11,245.00 GBP
Stroke 2.0 RugStroke 2.0 Rug
Stroke 2.0 Rug Sale price£9,820.00 GBP
Stroke 1.0 RugStroke 1.0 Rug
Stroke 1.0 Rug Sale price£7,855.00 GBP
Electrical RugElectrical Rug
Electrical Rug Sale priceFrom £14,960.00 GBP
Masking Rug
Masking Rug Sale priceFrom £14,705.00 GBP
Duct RugDuct Rug
Duct Rug Sale priceFrom £14,460.00 GBP
Lines RugLines Rug
Lines Rug Sale priceFrom £2,870.00 GBP
Mindscape Rug - Stage
Mindscape Rug - Stage Sale price£12,295.00 GBP
Mindscape Rug - MimicMindscape Rug - Mimic
Mindscape Rug - Mimic Sale price£11,230.00 GBP
Mata Rug - Monologue London
Mata Rug Sale priceFrom £4,250.00 GBP
Lunar Addiction RugLunar Addiction Rug
Lunar Addiction Rug Sale priceFrom £8,150.00 GBP
Seated Nude Rug - Monologue London
Doodles Seated Nude Rug Sale price£8,750.00 GBP
Abstract Composition Rug - Monologue London
Doodles Abstract Composition Rug Sale price£9,070.00 GBP
The Mantle Piece Rug - Monologue LondonDoodles The Mantle Piece Rug
Doodles The Mantle Piece Rug Sale price£10,045.00 GBP
Reclining Figure Rug - Monologue LondonDoodles Reclining Figure Rug
Doodles Reclining Figure Rug Sale price£7,665.00 GBP
Winter Still Life Rug - Monologue LondonDoodles Winter Still Life Rug
Doodles Winter Still Life Rug Sale price£7,885.00 GBP
Plasterworks C RugPlasterworks C Rug
Plasterworks C Rug Sale price£10,350.00 GBP
Plasterworks B Rug - Monologue LondonPlasterworks B Rug - Monologue London
Plasterworks B Rug Sale price£4,690.00 GBP
Plasterworks A Rug - Monologue LondonPlasterworks A Rug - Monologue London
Plasterworks A Rug Sale price£7,820.00 GBP
Asmara Rug - Monologue LondonAsmara Rug
Asmara Rug Sale price£5,940.00 GBP
Parvata Rug - Round - Monologue LondonParvata Round Rug
Parvata Round Rug Sale price£9,470.00 GBP
Parvata Rug - Monologue LondonParvata Rug
Parvata Rug Sale price£11,640.00 GBP
Feathers Freeform Big RugFeathers Freeform Big Rug
Feathers Freeform Big Rug Sale price£11,500.00 GBP