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Nota Bene Dining TableNota Bene Dining Table
Nota Bene Dining Table Sale priceFrom £5,778.00 GBP
Nota Bene ConsoleNota Bene Console
Nota Bene Console Sale price£8,040.00 GBP
Aston Side TableAston Side Table
Aston Side Table Sale priceFrom £2,145.00 GBP
Tango Sconce
Tango Sconce Sale price£2,280.00 GBP
Tango Table LampTango Table Lamp
Tango Table Lamp Sale price£2,400.00 GBP
Tango Pendant - Glass GlobeTango Pendant - Glass Globe
Tango Pendant - Glass Globe Sale priceFrom £2,280.00 GBP
Tango Pendant - Brass DomeTango Pendant - Brass Dome
Tango Pendant - Brass Dome Sale priceFrom £2,280.00 GBP
Satellite SconceSatellite Sconce
Satellite Sconce Sale price£2,520.00 GBP
Satellite Pendant LampSatellite Pendant Lamp
Satellite Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom £2,520.00 GBP
Underlay I Table Lamp - Limited EditionUnderlay I Table Lamp - Limited Edition
Overlay II Floor LampOverlay II Floor Lamp
Overlay II Floor Lamp Sale price£9,000.00 GBP
Overlay I Pendant LampOverlay I Pendant Lamp
Overlay I Pendant Lamp Sale price£11,400.00 GBP
Flutter Wall LampFlutter Wall Lamp
Flutter Wall Lamp Sale price£5,700.00 GBP
God & Goddess SconceGod & Goddess Sconce
God & Goddess Sconce Sale priceFrom £4,860.00 GBP
Monolith Floor LampMonolith Floor Lamp
Monolith Floor Lamp Sale price£9,000.00 GBP
Maru Pendant LampMaru Pendant Lamp
Maru Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom £1,150.00 GBP
Iso SconceIso Sconce
Iso Sconce Sale priceFrom £1,670.00 GBP
Float Pendant Lamp - Wide
Float Pendant Lamp - Wide Sale price£7,180.00 GBP
Float Pendant Lamp - RoundFloat Pendant Lamp - Round
Float Pendant Lamp - Round Sale price£6,640.00 GBP
28t Wall Lamp28t Wall Lamp
28t Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom £780.00 GBP
84 Floor Lamp84 Floor Lamp
84 Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £4,745.00 GBP
73 Floor Lamp73 Floor Lamp
73 Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £9,490.00 GBP
57 Floor Lamp57 Floor Lamp
57 Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £9,490.00 GBP
38 Floor Lamp38 Floor Lamp
38 Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £5,380.00 GBP
28 Floor Lamp28 Floor Lamp
28 Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom £4,420.00 GBP
LS 07 ArtworkLS 07 Artwork
LS 07 Artwork Sale price£16,200.00 GBP
LS 11 BenchLS 11 Bench
LS 11 Bench Sale price£54,054.00 GBP
LS 10 Coffee TableLS 10 Coffee Table
LS 10 Coffee Table Sale price£32,670.00 GBP
LS 12 Dining TableLS 12 Dining Table
LS 12 Dining Table Sale price£59,940.00 GBP
LS 09 Dining TableLS 09 Dining Table
LS 09 Dining Table Sale price£58,806.00 GBP
LS 08 Wall LampLS 08 Wall Lamp
LS 08 Wall Lamp Sale price£15,120.00 GBP
LS 06 Lounge ChairLS 06 Lounge Chair
LS 06 Lounge Chair Sale price£19,602.00 GBP
LS 05 Table LampLS 05 Table Lamp
LS 05 Table Lamp Sale price£11,286.00 GBP
LS 02 CabinetLS 02 Cabinet
LS 02 Cabinet Sale price£27,540.00 GBP
87 Pendant87 Pendant
87 Pendant Sale priceFrom £3,160.00 GBP
87 Wall Lamp87 Wall Lamp
87 Wall Lamp Sale price£890.00 GBP
57 Pendant - Semi Rigid57 Pendant - Semi Rigid
57 Pendant - Semi Rigid Sale priceFrom £1,050.00 GBP
Unseen Wall Lamp - OUnseen Wall Lamp - O
Unseen Wall Lamp - O Sale price£1,030.00 GBP
Unseen Triple ChandelierUnseen Triple Chandelier
Unseen Triple Chandelier Sale price£3,370.00 GBP
Unseen ChandelierUnseen Chandelier
Unseen Chandelier Sale price£12,625.00 GBP
NYNY Chest of DrawersNYNY Chest of Drawers
NYNY Chest of Drawers Sale price£6,700.00 GBP
NYNY Unit - TotemNYNY Unit - Totem
NYNY Unit - Totem Sale price£14,695.00 GBP
NYNY SideboardNYNY Sideboard
NYNY Sideboard Sale price£18,280.00 GBP
Hat Desk LampHat Desk Lamp
Hat Desk Lamp Sale price£1,135.00 GBP
Hat Floor LampHat Floor Lamp
Hat Floor Lamp Sale price£2,130.00 GBP
B/LIGHT Floor LampB/LIGHT Floor Lamp
B/LIGHT Floor Lamp Sale price£8,510.00 GBP
Balancing Variations PendantBalancing Variations Pendant
Balancing Variations Pendant Sale price£1,795.00 GBP
Lines and Triangles PendantLines and Triangles Pendant
Lines and Triangles Pendant Sale price£2,375.00 GBP