In Between Barstool SK8 + SK7 - Smoked oiled oak

£344.25 GBP £405 GBP

Design by Sami Kallio

Smoked oiled oak

Available in the following finishes:

  • SK7: Smoked oiled oak - dispatched within 2 - 3 weeks

  • SK8: Smoked oiled oak with upholstered seat (Fiord 171 fabric) - dispatched within 6 - 8 weeks

Material: Solid oak and formpressed oak veneer

Dimension:  H: 92cm, W: 55cm, D: 50cm, Armrest height: 88 cm, Seating height: 65 cm 

Made to order

If you need more details regarding this item please feel free to contact us at info@monologuelondon.comPlease note that delivery times may be longer for shipments outside the UK. 

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