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The Gleam Oil Lamp - Monologue LondonThe Gleam Oil Lamp - Monologue London
The Gleam Oil Lamp - Blue Sale price£195.00 GBP
The Warm Tea Cup - Monologue LondonThe Warm Tea Cup - Monologue London
The Warm Tea Cup Sale price£90.00 GBP
The Hot Teapot - Monologue LondonThe Hot Teapot - Monologue London
The Hot Teapot Sale price£360.00 GBP
Trio Coffee TableTrio Coffee Table
Trio Coffee Table Sale priceFrom £3,065.00 GBP
Trio Side TableTrio Side Table
Trio Side Table Sale priceFrom £1,700.00 GBP
Solice OttomanSolice Ottoman
Solice Ottoman Sale price£2,345.00 GBP
Solice Lounge ChairSolice Lounge Chair
Solice Lounge Chair Sale price£4,075.00 GBP
Petit Bar ChairPetit Bar Chair
Petit Bar Chair Sale priceFrom £1,820.00 GBP
April ChairApril Chair
April Chair Sale price£1,254.00 GBP
98.6°F Outdoor Side Table98.6°F Outdoor Side Table
98.6°F Outdoor Side Table Sale price£1,675.00 GBP
98.6°F Outdoor Coffee Table98.6°F Outdoor Coffee Table
98.6°F Outdoor Coffee Table Sale price£3,855.00 GBP
98.6°F Outdoor Dining Table98.6°F Outdoor Dining Table
98.6°F Outdoor Dining Table Sale price£6,740.00 GBP
98.6°F Outdoor Bench98.6°F Outdoor Bench
98.6°F Outdoor Bench Sale price£2,765.00 GBP
98.6°F Outdoor Lounge Chair98.6°F Outdoor Lounge Chair
98.6°F Outdoor Lounge Chair Sale price£3,420.00 GBP
98.6°F Outdoor Armchair98.6°F Outdoor Armchair
98.6°F Outdoor Armchair Sale price£1,800.00 GBP
Intersection SideboardIntersection Sideboard
Intersection Sideboard Sale price£10,440.00 GBP
Intersection Small Bookshelf
Intersection Small Bookshelf Sale price£17,620.00 GBP
Intersection Large BookshelfIntersection Large Bookshelf
Intersection Large Bookshelf Sale price£27,190.00 GBP
Intersection Dining TableIntersection Dining Table
Intersection Dining Table Sale priceFrom £7,485.00 GBP
Threshold CabinetThreshold Cabinet
Threshold Cabinet Sale priceFrom £7,210.00 GBP
Solo Dining TableSolo Dining Table
Solo Dining Table Sale price£8,145.00 GBP
Petit 4 ChairPetit 4 Chair
Petit 4 Chair Sale priceFrom £1,030.00 GBP
Petit 3 ChairPetit 3 Chair
Petit 3 Chair Sale priceFrom £850.00 GBP
Solo DaybedSolo Daybed
Solo Daybed Sale price£6,515.00 GBP
Solo SofaSolo Sofa
Solo Sofa Sale priceFrom £5,380.00 GBP
Platform SofaPlatform Sofa
Platform Sofa Sale price£9,320.00 GBP
Sofa EightSofa Eight
Sofa Eight Sale price£14,490.00 GBP
Frame Sofa w/ArmsFrame Sofa w/Arms
Frame Sofa w/Arms Sale priceFrom £17,505.00 GBP
Frame One Armed Sofa / DaybedFrame One Armed Sofa / Daybed
Frame One Armed Sofa / Daybed Sale priceFrom £13,015.00 GBP
Frame Sofa - Corner UnitFrame Sofa - Corner Unit
Frame Sofa - Corner Unit Sale price£27,425.00 GBP
Trio Console TableTrio Console Table
Trio Console Table Sale priceFrom £2,695.00 GBP
Trio Coffee Table - OvalTrio Coffee Table - Oval
Trio Coffee Table - Oval Sale priceFrom £2,845.00 GBP
Commune Coffee TableCommune Coffee Table
Commune Coffee Table Sale priceFrom £3,500.00 GBP
Zhuzi Coffee TableZhuzi Coffee Table
Zhuzi Coffee Table Sale price£2,020.00 GBP
Handle Side TableHandle Side Table
Handle Side Table Sale priceFrom £1,350.00 GBP
Solo VitrineSolo Vitrine
Solo Vitrine Sale priceFrom £9,160.00 GBP
Solo CabinetSolo Cabinet
Solo Cabinet Sale price£7,215.00 GBP
Trunk Cabinet - TallTrunk Cabinet - Tall
Trunk Cabinet - Tall Sale price£17,325.00 GBP
Trunk Cabinet - LowTrunk Cabinet - Low
Trunk Cabinet - Low Sale priceFrom £13,135.00 GBP
Structure Dining TableStructure Dining Table
Structure Dining Table Sale price£14,560.00 GBP
Commune Round Dining TableCommune Round Dining Table
Commune Round Dining Table Sale priceFrom £4,910.00 GBP
Shaker Round TableShaker Round Table
Shaker Round Table Sale price£4,245.00 GBP
Shaker Dining TableShaker Dining Table
Shaker Dining Table Sale priceFrom £8,770.00 GBP
Shaker Dining Table - Marble TopShaker Dining Table - Marble Top
Shaker Dining Table - Marble Top Sale priceFrom £9,050.00 GBP
Solo Round Dining TableSolo Round Dining Table
Solo Round Dining Table Sale priceFrom £5,990.00 GBP
Solo Oblong Dining TableSolo Oblong Dining Table
Solo Oblong Dining Table Sale priceFrom £5,515.00 GBP
Shaker BenchShaker Bench
Shaker Bench Sale priceFrom £3,185.00 GBP
Commune BenchCommune Bench
Commune Bench Sale priceFrom £2,505.00 GBP