Omaggio a Morandi - Decorative Bottles

£360 GBP

Design by Elisa Ossino 

Inspired by the simplicity of Morandi’s still life images, Elisa Ossino has reproduced these forms into stunning decorative marble bottles. From the classic elegance of Bianco Carrara and Botticino to the dramatic intensity of Cipollino and Rosso Collemandina, the collection brings together examples of marbles used in some of Italy’s most iconic architecture.

Available in the following finishes and sizes:

  • Bianco Carrara: Ø: 8cm, H: 34.1cm - In Stock 
  • Botticino: Ø: 8,4cm, H: 24.2cm - In Stock 
  • Cipollino: Ø: 8.3cm, H: 33.5cm - In Stock 
  • Grigio Versilia: Ø: 8cm, H: 36cm - In Stock 
  • Palissandro Bluette: Ø: 9.3cm, H: 24cm - Made to order (Dispatched within 2-3 weeks)
  • Rosa Perlino: Ø: 12cm, H: 23cm - In Stock 
  • Rosso Collemandina: Ø: 8.7cm, H: 25cm - In Stock 
  • Set of Seven Bottles - Made to order (Dispatched within 2-3 weeks)

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