Bangle Vases

£3,000.00 GBP
Colour: Sophia

Design by Cristina Celestino

Made to order
Dispatched within 6-8 weeks

Available in the following finishes:

  • Sophia - Nero Assoluto, Onice Miele, Emerald Green, Rosso Barocco
  • Rita - Bianco Statuario and Emerald Green
  • Anna - Nero Assoluto, Onice Verde, Rain Forest Green, Giallo Noce
  • Lollo - Nero Assoluto, Verde Ming, Rain Forest Green, Giallo Noce, Onice Miele
  • Oriana - Iranian White Onyx, Bianco Carrara
  • Mina - Nero Assoluto, Rosso Barocco, Rain Forest Green, Giallo Noce, Onice Miele
  • Gae - Azul Macauba, Nero Assoluto
  • Lea - Giallo Siena, Nero Assoluto


  • Sophia, Rita - H: 15cm, Ø 24cm
  • Anna, Lollo, Oriana - H: 23cm, Ø 24cm
  • Mina - H: 27cm,  Ø 20.17cm
  • Gae, Lea - H: 26.5cm, Ø 20cm

If you need more details regarding this item please feel free to contact us at info@monologuelondon.com. Please note that delivery times may be longer for shipments outside of the UK. 

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