Stalker Candle

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  • Stalker Candle
  • Stalker Candle
  • Stalker Candle

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"Stalker has nice stems. Named after its foremost ingredient, this celery stalk is a fresh fragrance that is both botanical and earthy, thanks to its roots in parsley and purple carrots. Cumin, oud, and patchouli mix with peppery top notes, while blackberry and saffron round out the middle. This is a farmer’s market instilled in wax form."

Fragrance notes: celery, parsley, purple carrots, oud, and cumin

Ingredients/Material: coconut and beeswax with braided cotton wick, in glossy black glass tumbler

Packed in embossed matte pink carton

Size: H:8.6cm (249g)

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