Two Spheres Ceiling LampTwo Spheres Ceiling Lamp

Two Spheres Ceiling Lamp

From £810.00 GBP
Mimosa Ceiling LampMimosa Ceiling Lamp

Mimosa Ceiling Lamp

£3,180.00 GBP
Row Wall LampRow Wall Light - Black - Monologue London

Row Wall Lamp

From £385.00 GBP
Plant Pendant - Brass - Monologue LondonPlant Pendant - Brass - Monologue London

Plant Pendant

£760.00 GBP
Plate and Sphere Ceiling Light - Monologue LondonPlate and Sphere Ceiling Light - Monologue London

Plate and Sphere Ceiling Lamp

From £1,410.00 GBP
Cone Wall/Ceiling LampCone Wall/Ceiling Lamp

Cone Wall/Ceiling Lamp

From £355.00 GBP
Birch Wall LampBirch Wall Lamp

Birch Wall Lamp

From £1,020.00 GBP
Girlande Lamp / 1 m - Monologue LondonGirlande Lamp / 1 m - Monologue London

Girlande Lamp / 1 m

From £1,450.00 GBP
Triangle Wall Lamp - Monologue LondonTriangle Wall Lamp - Monologue London

Triangle Wall Lamp

From £850.00 GBP
Rhombus Wall Lamp - Monologue LondonRhombus Wall Lamp - Monologue London

Rhombus Wall Lamp

From £880.00 GBP
Row PendantRow Pendant - Monologue London

Row Pendant

From £2,220.00 GBP
Epic Pendant 2 - Monologue LondonEpic Pendant 2 - Monologue London

Epic 2 Pendant

£3,160.00 GBP
Ring Pendant Lamp - Monologue LondonRing Pendant

Ring Pendant

£3,660.00 GBP
Disc and Sphere Wall LampDisc and Sphere Wall Lamp

Disc and Sphere Wall Lamp

From £550.00 GBP
Tube with Cones PendantTube with Cones Pendant

Tube with Cones Pendant

£1,825.00 GBP

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