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Anima ContainerAnima Container
Anima Container Sale priceFrom £300.00 GBP
Anima Soap DishAnima Soap Dish
Anima Soap Dish Sale price£215.00 GBP
Anima Tissue BoxAnima Tissue Box
Anima Tissue Box Sale price£665.00 GBP
Anima Towel RackAnima Towel Rack
Anima Towel Rack Sale priceFrom £495.00 GBP
Anima Valet TrayAnima Valet Tray
Anima Valet Tray Sale price£255.00 GBP
Archimera SculpturesArchimera Sculptures
Archimera Sculptures Sale price£1,015.00 GBP
Balancing Document Holder - Monologue LondonBalancing Document Holder - Monologue London
Balancing Document Holder Sale price£370.00 GBP
Balancing Letter Holder - Monologue LondonBalancing Letter Holder - Monologue London
Balancing Letter Holder Sale price£280.00 GBP
Balancing Letter Opener - Monologue LondonBalancing Letter Opener - Monologue London
Balancing Letter Opener Sale price£280.00 GBP
Balancing Paperweight - Monologue LondonBalancing Paperweight - Monologue London
Balancing Paperweight Sale price£240.00 GBP
Balancing Photo Holder - Monologue LondonBalancing Photo Holder - Monologue London
Balancing Photo Frame Sale price£325.00 GBP
BOL Decorative BowlsBOL Decorative Bowls
BOL Decorative Bowls Sale priceFrom £1,080.00 GBP
BOS VaseBOS Vase
BOS Vase Sale priceFrom £3,360.00 GBP
BOS Vase - Fior di PescoBOS Vase - Fior di Pesco
BOS Vase - Fior di Pesco Sale priceFrom £3,360.00 GBP
CANDY Vases Sale priceFrom £9,590.00 GBP
CANOPY Bowl Sale priceFrom £4,190.00 GBP
Elements Vase - Monologue LondonElements Vase - Monologue London
ELEMENTS Vase Sale price£1,980.00 GBP
Ellipse Coasters - Set of 6Ellipse Coasters - Set of 6
Ellipse Coasters - Set of 6 Sale price£650.00 GBP
Ellipse ContainerEllipse Container
Ellipse Container Sale priceFrom £410.00 GBP
Ellipse Pestle & MortarEllipse Pestle & Mortar
Ellipse Pestle & Mortar Sale price£430.00 GBP
Ellipse Salt & Pepper SetEllipse Salt & Pepper Set
Ellipse Salt & Pepper Set Sale price£410.00 GBP
Ellipse Soap DishEllipse Soap Dish
Ellipse Soap Dish Sale price£195.00 GBP
Ellipse Tea-Light HolderEllipse Tea-Light Holder
Ellipse Tea-Light Holder Sale price£150.00 GBP
Ellipse Wine CoolerEllipse Wine Cooler
Ellipse Wine Cooler Sale price£495.00 GBP
EVE VaseEVE Vase
EVE Vase Sale priceFrom £2,520.00 GBP
Flamingo Coat Stand - Monologue LondonFlamingo Coat Stand - Monologue London
Flamingo Coat Stand Sale priceFrom £3,660.00 GBP
Fontane Bianche - Soap DishFontane Bianche - Soap Dish
Fontane Bianche - Soap Dish Sale price£240.00 GBP
Fontane Bianche - Stationery / Toothbrush Holder - Monologue LondonFontane Bianche - Stationery / Toothbrush Holder - Monologue London
Fontane Bianche - Toothbrush TumblerFontane Bianche - Toothbrush Tumbler
Fontane Bianche - Towel Ring - Monologue LondonFontane Bianche - Towel Ring - Monologue London
Fontane Bianche - Towel Ring Sale price£390.00 GBP
Gravity Marble Sphere - Monologue LondonGravity Marble Sphere - Monologue London
Gravity Marble Sphere Sale price£195.00 GBP
Gravity Zodiac PaperweightGravity Zodiac Paperweight
Gravity Zodiac Paperweight Sale priceFrom £195.00 GBP
HAN VaseHAN Vase
HAN Vase Sale priceFrom £5,880.00 GBP
Ikona Stool - CipollinoIkona Stool - Cipollino
Ikona Stool - Cipollino Sale price£6,045.00 GBP
Ikona Stool - Giallo EgizianoIkona Stool - Giallo Egiziano - Monologue London
Ikona Stool - Giallo Egiziano Sale price£5,050.00 GBP
Ikona Stool - Rosa PerlitoIkona Stool - Rosa Perlito
Ikona Stool - Rosa Perlito Sale price£5,050.00 GBP
Ikona Stool - Verde GuatemalaIkona Stool - Verde Guatemala
Ikona Stool - Verde Guatemala Sale price£7,190.00 GBP
KAN VaseKAN Vase
KAN Vase Sale price£3,720.00 GBP
Kilos Bookend - Cylinder - Monologue LondonKilos Bookend - Cylinder - Monologue London
Kilos Bookend - Cylinder Sale price£195.00 GBP
Kilos Bookends - Set of Two - Monologue LondonKilos Bookends - Set of Two - Monologue London
Kilos Bookends - Set of Two Sale price£325.00 GBP
LEAF Vase Sale priceFrom £10,070.00 GBP
Love Candle - Monologue LondonLove Candle - Monologue London
Love Candle Sale price£25.00 GBP Regular price£50.00 GBP
Merci Candle - Monologue LondonMerci Candle - Monologue London
Merci Candle Sale price£70.00 GBP Regular price£130.00 GBP
Nechama Candle - Monologue LondonNechama Candle - Monologue London
Nechama Candle Sale price£25.00 GBP Regular price£50.00 GBP
NOTCH Bowl Sale price£1,840.00 GBP
Novecento SculpturesNovecento Sculptures
Novecento Sculptures Sale price£580.00 GBP
Pietra L 03 TraysPietra L 03 Trays
Pietra L 03 Trays Sale priceFrom £345.00 GBP
Pietra L 04 - Set of 2 Trays - Monologue London
Pietra L 04 - Set of 2 Trays Sale price£390.00 GBP